• Main Mission:

    WorldWide Film Screening Network is established to encourage, reward and promote the most outstanding, significant and grandiose achievements in the field of Cinematography and Movie Art; achievements created throughout the whole history of film production that have made an exceptional and long-term contribution to the preservation and progressive development of all humankind.

  • Project Objectives


    Worldwide Film Screening Network's goal and mission: To unite the world's leading Universities, Colleges, Film Schools, progressive and positive thinking filmmakers, and people into a universal system to create a single united network of film distribution of the best feature films, documentaries, short films based on the developed local viewing platforms which show top films and best works all the year around. This system is established to encourage, reward, and promote the most outstanding, significant, and superb achievements in the field of Cinema Art, achievements created throughout history that have made an exceptional and long-term contribution to the preservation and progressive development of all humankind.


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  • WorldWide Film Screening Network


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    Contribution to Humankind

    WorldWide Film Screening Network present only the main sections and categories for which awards are made and nominations are put forward. In view of the significant number, not all outstanding figures, their works and achievements, as well as categories are currently represented.

    WorldWide Film Screening Network do not claim to have a complete list of them, but as the project develops, Film Dcreening Network will strive for this.

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    Our symbol


    The symbol we use is the Caduceus. This is a wand entwined with two snakes facing each other, often with wings on the top of the wand. Its appearance in Antiquity was associated with the myth of Apollo and Hermes. According to the myth, Apollo, as a sign of reconciliation with his brother, gave him his magic staff. When Hermes, having decided to test its properties, placed the rod between two fighting snakes, they immediately stopped fighting and wrapped around a stick. Hermes liked this picture so much that he immobilized them.

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    Award Ceremony

    Anual Awards are updated once a year


    The awards are presented each year on the WorldWide Film Screening Award Ceremony.


    Film Industry

    Top movies submitted for awards and nominations in the following Categories:



    Films and Screenplays can be submitted to WorldWide Film Screening Network to the following Genres:

    • Action film
    • Adventure film
    • Animated film
    • Comedy film
    • Drama
    • Fantasy film
    • Historical film
    • Horror film
    • Musical film
    • Noir film
    • Romance film
    • Science fiction film
    • Thriller film
    • Western


  • WHO

    The WorldWide Film Screening Network honor individuals and companies whose discoveries and innovations have made a significant and lasting contribution to humankind..

    The primary goal of our project is to create a universally applicable system that enables rapid and effective cognition of the world. By relying on established scientific principles and time-tested methods, we aim to develop a framework that enhances people's ability to perceive, understand, and navigate the complex realities of our world. Our project seeks to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions and contribute to positive global outcomes.


    Universities, Film Schools and Collages

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    The WorldWide Film Screening Network seeks to bring together the world's leading universities, colleges, film schools, forward-thinking filmmakers, and audiences into a cohesive and inclusive community. Our mission is to establish a universal system that distributes the best feature films, documentaries, and short films, using locally created viewing platforms that showcase top works throughout the year. Our goal is to promote, reward, and celebrate the most exceptional and significant achievements in cinema art, spanning filmmaking's history and contributing to humanity's progressive development for years to come.

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    We believe in providing unconditional support to universities, film schools, colleges, and students worldwide who are passionate about learning the craft of filmmaking, film production, and film distribution. Our commitment is to break down barriers, eliminate sanctions, and remove restrictions, ensuring that aspiring filmmakers have equal opportunities to pursue their dreams, regardless of location or background.


  • Children's Film Schools

    At WorldWide Film Network, we are dedicated to supporting schoolchildren and young learners worldwide who are studying the art of cinema. Our mission is to cultivate a deep appreciation for their own culture while promoting respect for other nations' diverse history, literature, customs, and manners through the power of cinema. By leveraging the cinematic medium, we strive to create meaningful educational experiences that inspire curiosity, creativity, and empathy among the younger generation.

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    At our core, we believe in a film screening system that exclusively showcases the best and most uplifting works from filmmakers that inspire personal growth and development in viewers of all ages. We aim to make these films accessible to all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. We welcome all film and screenplay submissions as long as they promote constructive messages and do not promote destruction or harm. Our commitment to positively impact society through cinema is unwavering.


  • Submission Rules & Terms

    The WorldWide Film Screening Network accepts applications for consideration for any work, any format and any genre, without limitation in the field of cinema art. Nominations and awards are received only by those works that have made an exceptionally high contribution to the development of mankind. Works related to destruction and not containing elements of creation are not considered.

    The WorldWide Film Screening Network reserves the right to reject any work without any explanation or warning.